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Grand Rapids Employment Lawy


  Specializing in: 

  • Employment Law & Litigation;

  • Complex Severance Negotiations;

  • Non-Compete, Nonsolicitation Covenants;

  • Trade Secrets, Nondisclosure, Confidential Data;

  • Employee RelationsPersonnel Policies;

  • Physician Staff PrivilegesEmployment Contracts

  • Whistleblower Claims; &

  • COVID-19 Emerging Legal Issues.


Grand Rapids Employment Lawyers


  • EMPLOYMENT LAW & EMPLOYMENT LITIGATION. We have more than 39 years of experience handling complex employment law matters, EEOC investigations and employment litigation involving (among other things) wrongful discharge, sexual harassment and discrimination claims, wage-hour violations, FMLA, ADA, defamation, breach of contract, retaliation, whistleblower and a variety of other employment-related claims in the state and federal courts and administrative tribunals. Litigation avoidance is one of our primary goals in representing clients. But when a lawsuit is unavoidable, we strive to defend the interests of all our clients with vigor and creative force.
  • NON-COMPETE, NON-SOLICITATION, NONINTERFERENCE LAW. We have extensive experience in the preparation, enforcement and/or defense of non-compete, non-solicitation and other restrictive Employment Contracts. We have represented both companies and employees in restrictive covenant matters, and have encountered a variety of issues in the field of restrictive covenant law. We have experience in pursuing and in opposing applications for TRO's and motions for preliminary injunctive relief. 
  • NEGOTIATION OF SEVERANCE AGREEMENTS. Our firm has successfully negotiated numerous severance agreements on behalf of employers as well as key employees and other senior-level personnel in a variety of industries throughout West Michigan. Carefully drafted, comprehensive severance agreements protect employers' interests and/or provide departing employees with the precise terms and conditions to govern their separation.
  • TRADE SECRETS, CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION. This firm has significant expertise in drafting, prosecuting and/or defending Employment Agreements designed to protect trade secrets and/or confidential information from misappropriation and/or unauthorized disclosure. We have also defended senior level personnel and/or other key employees accused of misappropriating trade secrets and/or confidential information.
  • EMPLOYEE RELATIONS, PERSONNEL POLICIES. We provide practical counseling and legal representation aimed at resolving sensitive, employee-relations issues. We routinely assist employers with creating and updating "plain English," legally compliant, common sense Employee Handbooks and personnel policies designed to meet the specific needs of the client's workforce; we advise employers on a wide range of disciplinary issues in a variety of industries throughout West Michigan.  We have also provided legal representation to senior-level personnel or other key employees facing (among other things) disciplinary and/or other personnel challenges.
  • PHYSICIAN STAFF PRIVILEGES, PHYSICIAN EMPLOYMENT CONTRACTS. Physician fair hearing matters and Physician employment contract disputes.
  • WHISTLEBLOWER CLAIMS. We have successfully represented both employers and employees in cases arising under the myriad of state and federal laws prohibiting retaliation against whistleblowers as well as anti-discrimination laws that forbid reprisals against employees.
  • COVID-19.  Emerging Issues: ADA, Leave, Litigation and Lingering Questions.

Grand Rapids Employment Lawyer





Grand Rapids Employment Lawyer
Todd R. Knecht 


Grand Rapids Employment Lawyer


 Tel: 616-202-5539

Todd Knecht has more than 39 years of experience handling complex employment law problems and employment-related litigation in state and federal courts, administrative tribunals and private dispute resolution proceedings. He provides practical counseling in litigation avoidance strategies and legal representation aimed at resolving sensitive, employee-relations matters. Mr. Knecht has successfully negotiated numerous severance agreements on behalf of employers as well as key employees in the West Michigan area. He also has significant expertise and extensive experience in the creation, enforcement and/or defense of non-compete and nonsolicitation agreements as well as restrictive covenants designed to protect trade secrets from disclosure to competitors, among other critical transactions. He also provides counseling and representation to physicians in medical staff fair hearing procedures and physician employment contract disputes.

He is a graduate of Hope College (B.A., 1977) and the University of Detroit School of Law (J.D., cum laude, 1981). Mr. Knecht served as law clerk to the late Hon. Douglas W. Hillman, United States District Court Judge for the Western District of Michigan, Southern Division, in 1983. He was admitted to the District of Columbia Bar in 1981 and the Michigan Bar in 1983.


Among other jurisdictions, he is admitted to practice in the Michigan Court of Appeals; the Michigan Supreme Court; the U.S. District Courts for the Eastern and Western Districts of Michigan; and the U.S. Court of Appeals, Sixth Circuit. Mr. Knecht has appeared in court in over 43 of Michigan's 83 counties. He has been a speaker and author on a variety of labor and employment law issues.

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Grand Rapids Employment Lawyer





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